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    I can't upload a 100 page photo book from Lightroom CC 2015 to Blurb (I had no trouble with Lightroom 5).  Can anyone help, please?   I have an urgent customer deadline ;-(((

    Mosca Bianca



      I have just finished preparing a 100 page (large square format) photo book in Lightroom CC 2105. I press the "Send to Blurb" button (as I have done when sending three previous books with no problem using LR 5). The upload starts quickly, then slows and finally halts at around the 55% point of the upload. Shortly afterwards, two windows appear.
      “Error code: Lost Connection;Server Response: and “There was an error uploading your book’s pages.Would you like to try again?”

      So I click on “Retry Upload” on the second and “OK” on the first, but always get the same outcome.I have so far tried 6 times.

      I have contacted Blurb.  They have told me there is no upload isue currently with Lightroom and I should contact LR Support  I have done so and am still waiting for a reply from the "Chat".  In the meantime any helpful advice or tips would be more than welcome especially as I have to get copies of this book to a client by a fixed deadline. Blurb suggest that I go via blurb.com with a PDF file, but  - apart from the fact that this is time consuming and is not what Lightroom offers - I have heard that there are also problems with this.


      For the record, I have been using LR from LR 3 onwards.



      My previous books were prepared in Lightroom 5 and for this "problem" book I have used Lightroom CC.