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    Edge class number in HTML file

    Allison@HavasLynx Level 1

      I am building a composition which loads in 5 other comps as content.

      The 5 comps are similar but will have different text and images.


      After finishing the parent comp, I completed one of the child comps and then saved as a template to create the other 4 - just to test in a browser that the individual comps were loading into the parent properly. Each comp lives in it's own folder (comp1, comp2 etc) within the parent comp folder

      I have noticed that in the HTML files for the child comp each one has the same class number e.g. class="EDGE-70798230"

      Surely this is not good? Don't they all have to have unique numbers?

      I would have thought that when you open a template and "save as", it would apply a unique number to the newly created file?


      Please can someone tell me if I need to do something about this. I have been getting some errors and I want to rule this out as a possible cause.


      I am using v 2014.1.1 and using EdgeCommons to load the movies.