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    Google Adsense Integration??

      Does anyone have ideas how to integrate Google Adsense into a Flex app? I am creating a searchable directory and want to monitize it with google. I could easily do this in HTML/CF the old fashion way but that this might a great app for flex...only trick is how to integrate Adsense and if it is possible, terms of service limitations of adsense, etc. I'm guessing I would have to embed some part of the page as HTML in the app itself.

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          You can't do that.
          Although your application need not to take 100% of the web-page. Arrange it so that you can display your adsense and the application at the same
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            spacehog Level 1
            I am also having the same issue. Two clients currently want their sites to host advertising modules embedded within the site. The problem, as I see it, is not getting the first banner to show up, but the second, third and so on.

            AdSense depends on the page making calls to the web server and that is something we are trying to minimize in this Web 2.0 world. So you should be able to embed your first banner during the load, but after that I am not sure.

            I wonder if you make a timed call back to the server, like every 30 secs, if the banners would refresh?

            I plan to contact Google this week. I figure they must be coming up with a solution. Otherwise, there will be fewer pages without ad banners in the future.