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    Lightroom 6


      I installed Lightroom 6, upgrading from 3.5. When my photos were transferred into 6, it shows I have a 'temporary' catalog of almost 3,000 photos that are not in folders. But I see most, if not all, actually are in folders. Can I delete this catalog without deleting the photos? Is there an easy way to check to see if all of the photos in this temporary catalog are actually in folders? I don't think it's a good idea to keep a catalog I don't need, want, or is it a problem?

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          So do you mean you have two LR 6-compatibel catalogs, one with the photos in folders and one without the photos in folders?


          The main question would be are the photos actually in folders on disk or did you do an Import/Move and use LR to put them all into the same folder—which would be bad.

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            dj_paige Level 9

            When my photos were transferred

            What does this mean? How were the photos transferred? Exactly what steps did you use? Describe in detail

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              brucer89894057 Level 1



              I had Lightroom 3.5 on my computer, with all my photos stored on two external hard drives. When I purchased L6 (it was an upgrade purchase, meaning I got a discount because I had L 3.5), I simply followed the instructions provided. It was a stepwise thing but I can't recall what those were.

              As I said, all my folders, as far as I can tell, are there, as well as the sub-folders and the few 'Collections' I had.


              I have only 1 Catalog - which is 'All Photographs", but I have close to 3,000 photos in a Catalog called  - Photos Missing From Folder "Bruce".

              I don't have a folder "Bruce" (that's me). When I look in my folders, the photos in the 'missing "Bruce" ' catalog are, as far as I can see, scattered about in the folders they were before the upgrade. What I'm worried about is what happens if I delete the catalog Photos Missing From Folder "Bruce". BTW, if I right click on this catalog, it says "Remove this temporary collection."

              Sorry I can't provide details on the upgrade procedure - I wasn't thinking about it, just following the direction provided . . .

              Hope you can provide me with some advice!


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                brucer89894057 Level 1

                They are not in the same folder. All the folders (dozens and dozens) still exist, but there is no folder I ever created called "Bruce", which is what this temporary collection catalog is called. I think I can just delete it, but I've heard from several sources that doing dumb moves with your catalogs is a good way to find a lot of grief.

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                  JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  As near as I can tell, that "temporary" catalog is only utilized during the upgrade from an older version to Lightroom 6. I don't think we have seen that temporary catalog left behind in previous upgrades, and I'm wondering if maybe someone simply forgot to include a couple of lines of code in the upgrade process. At any rate, I deleted the "temporary" catalog after I upgraded to Lightroom CC, and I haven't had any problems from doing so. Just as a safeguard, you could delete the temporary catalog by sending it to the Recycle Bin or Trash and leave it there while you test running Lightroom without it.

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                    brucer89894057 Level 1

                    Thanks! That makes sense to me. I'll try that as soon as I get up the nerve . . . I hate surprises.


                    Thanks again. Really appreciate it.

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                      ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      What are you calling a "catalog"?  From your usage it sounds like you mean "collection".  All Photographs is a collection and Photos Missing From Folder "Bruce" might also be a collection.  The term "catalog" in LR jargon means the database file, with an .lrcat extension, that holds all the information for photos "in" LR.


                      Collections don't have a hierarchy of "folders" they are flat sets of photos that can come from various actual folders.  The part of what you're describing that bothers me, besides misusing the term "catalog", is that photos are indicated as missing.  I've converted from every version of LR 1.0 until LR and don't recall seeing a "Missing Photos..." collection so I'm not sure what might have occurred in your case.  Of course I've also never skipped 2 LR versions when converting catalogs, but having so many photos missing seems wrong.



                      Can you show us a screenshot of what you're seeing?

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                        brucer89894057 Level 1



                        Hope you can see this. I couldn't figure out how to do this in the chat




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                          brucer89894057 Level 1

                          Inline image 1

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                            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            We can't see your image.  Either post a public link or directly copy/paste the image into a message, here, when using the website version of the forums.



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                              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              So we can see your All Photographs collection and a Photos Missing from Folde... collection without seeing what the folder name, and nothing useful in the Folders area.  How about shrinking up the Navigator preview and expanding the Folders so we can see the folder structure, unless you've purposely hidden it.


                              It does appear that 2916 photos are missing from somewhere we can't quite see though you've said the part that is truncated due to width is Bruce.  The worrying thing is that there are missing photos and you merely want to delete the indicator of them, the collection created from the conversion.  To me that is the most important thing, figure out why LR says there are missing photos.  If you go to Grid View and click onto the Photos Missing From... collection are there ? or ! on the thumbnails indicating the photos are missing?  You might note the path one of those missing photos (right-click Go to Folder in Library) and then go look in LR 3.x and see if the photo is missing there as well.  That is what I'd expect.


                              For the record the things listed in the Catalog section at the left are collections not catalogs.  The section is called Catalog because that is the scope of what you see there and it is useful information LR has gathered, itself.  There is a Collections section further down that is a list of all the collections you've created.

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                                brucer89894057 Level 1

                                OK, I'll try do a shrink of the Navigator preview (not sure I know how to do that) and will also check through as you suggest. I have to be gone for most of the day but will get back to you this evening. I really appreciate all the assistance being offered. Very much so.

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                                  ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  The main concern is the missing photos and whether it is ok that they are missing and if not, then can you find them somewhere else or not.  The clue is that LR says they are in folder Bruce but you're not sure what that refers to.


                                  I've asked for screenshots of LR and mainly interested in the contents of the Folders section, at least one showing the full list of drives you have plugged in -- Acer and Lacie are the two we can see, but there could be more.  So at least a screenshot with all the drive folders collapsed using the little triangle next to each drive name and letter.


                                  I've also asked for a screenshot of what the LR Library in Grid View looks like when you have the Missing Photos collection selected so I can see the various badges around the edges of the thumbnails to see if there is a Missing Photo badge that is either a ? or ! symbol.  It would also be interesting to see the full path to one of the missing photos, which should be visible by right-clicking on one of the thumbnails in the Grid View with the Missing Photos... collection selected and choosing Show Folder in Library.


                                  I'd like a screenshot that shows the full collection name for what is now truncated to Missing Photos in Folde...  This can be done by dragging the left panel wider and if that's not enough, perhaps hovering the mouse over the collection name.


                                  As far as hiding the navigation preview area just click the little triangle to the left of the word Navigation to collapse it.


                                  A few ideas about what Bruce refers to.  First of all this is obviously something related to your identity as it is your first name.  Is it the LR catalog (.lrcat file) name, and what is your catalog name--that part of the screenshot is chopped off?  Is "Bruce" the top-level folder under which all your photos reside, either on your C drive or another attached drive?  Is it the drive volume name like Acer and Lacie are?


                                  Understanding what Bruce refers to would help determine if the missing photos are important and/or if they are somewhere else and just need hooked back up or need another external drive plugged in for them not to be missing.

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                                    brucer89894057 Level 1



                                    With the help of your questions I think that what the collection referred to in Photo's Missing from Bruce's Folder is a folder I have that's called 'Bruce's Stuff". They are photos that I've digitized from slides or were once in a Nikon program I transferred to Lightroom. The two don't match in part because it looks like none of the copies I have made in 'Bruce's Stuff' (virtual copies) are in Photo's Missing from Bruce's Folder, but all the originals are. So other than that, I think they are the same.


                                    I was going to try and delete a single photo from Photo's Missing from Bruce's Folder to see if it would still be in Bruce's Stuff, but the options Lightroom provides is to "delete the selected Master photo from disk, or just remove it from Lightroom? So I didn't delete it. But if I right click on the Photo's Missing from Bruce's Folder collection, it says 'Remove this temporary collection.


                                    For whatever reason, I can't do a print screen right now . . . . I'll try later, as I can and did do what you want so it's all visible. I just need some time to figure out what I've forgotten to do to get a screen grab . . .

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                                      ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                      You should be able to highlight the Photos Missing… collection, right-click on one of the thumbnails or preview, and choose Goto Folder in Library (or whatever the exact verb is at the beginning of the phrase) and that should put you into the folder with the missing photo.   You shouldn’t have to guess. 


                                      It seems wrong that a virtual copy of a photo would be deemed missing but the master photo wouldn’t be missing. 


                                      It also seems wrong that the collection is missing the Stuff at the end of the Collection name unless there is a limit to how many characters there can be and it isn’t enough to contain “Stuff” after “Bruce’s”.


                                      Alt-PrtSc is a way to copy the current app into the clipboard and then you can paste that into a message on the webforums.

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                                        brucer89894057 Level 1


                                        The virtual photos aren't identified as missing - I think the original photos minus the virtual copies equals what is in Photos Missing From Folder "Bruce" then that collection appears to be the same as what's in the folder  - Bruce's Stuff.


                                        I'll try to do what you suggest re: highlight the Photos Missing… collection, right-click on one of the thumbnails or preview, and choose Goto Folder in Library (or whatever the exact verb is at the beginning of the phrase) and that should put you into the folder with the missing photo.   You shouldn’t have to guess.


                                        I'll let you know how that works out. Appreciate your patience with me.

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                                          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                          It may be the apostrophe in the "Bruce's Stuff" folder name that's either confusing LR in general or at least confusing the "Missing Photos" scan when you converted that catalog.


                                          As an experiment create a copy of your LR 3 catalog, open it with LR 3.x, rename the Bruce's Stuff folder to not include the apostrophe and then open that catalog in LR 6 and have it convert and see if things work ok.


                                          Once you've done that post a screenshot of what you have for the Catalog section and any collections it contains.  I'm particularly interested in what the All Photographs collection has and if there are any Missing Photos collections, anymore.


                                          It's possible that the Missing Photos collection is bogus and the photos aren't missing or it could be that LR is confused where they photos are and they are in another place as far as LR is concerned.