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    Help! Presentation scaling differently after upgrading from Director 8 to MX 2004

    bobmcinnis Level 1
      I recently upgraded to Director MX 2004 from Director 8. Since the year 2000, I've been using Director basically to give souped up Powerpoint presentations to large groups and it's worked wonderfully. I haven't even been creating projectors, just opening the Director document, and releasing on "play" and "full screen" in the appropriate menus.

      When presenting, I'm always hooked up to an LCD projector and just set the LCD projector as the primary monitor on my Powerbook. Since Director 8 runs in Classic mode and it's a memory hog and being phased out, so I sprung for MX 2004. My problem is, when I follow the same steps outlined above with my old document in MX 2004, the image does not scale the same way. The director document is sized to 1024x768 and has always fit the LCD projectors screen perfectly when I set the LCD projector's resolution to match that. Now, with MX 2004, the dimensions are off. I believe the width extends off the sides now, as if it's stretched.

      Does anyone know what might be accounting for a difference in how my presentation is being displayed with the only variable being the newer version of Director? I can still use Director 8 to make my presentation just fine, but I'd really like to get out of my Mac's Classic mode (i'm on a PowerBook G4) and make the switch to MX 2004 for OS X.