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    Problems Extending FileReference Class

      I am trying to extend the FileReference class to have and additional property "description" and eventually a thumbnail.

      So far I implemented the "Description" property and am getting errors mentioning the FileReference superclass which I don't understand as I only use the DesriptedFileReference extended class in the code.

      I know it has something to do with creating a FileReferenceListObject but how do I get it to use the new DescriptedFileReference object.

      Here are the errors:

      Error #1069: Property description not found on flash.net.FileReference and there is no default value.

      Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert flash.net::FileReference@2fc2b01 to com.newmediateam.fileIO.DescriptedFileReference.
      at com.newmediateam.fileIO::MultiFileUpload/uploadFiles()[C:\Documents and Settings\rrhodes\My Documents\workspace\MultiFileUpload\com\newmediateam\fileIO\MultiFileUpload.as:216]

      Here's the class definition:

      package com.newmediateam.fileIO
      import flash.net.FileReference;

      public class DescriptedFileReference extends FileReference

      public var description:String = "";