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    Is it possible to have CJK and ME at the same time?


      I format in several languages, ranging from Hebrew to Japanese, and the UI has allowed me to get the ME edition, then CJK, but now I'm stuck in CJK. (I have yet to uninstall and re-install to see if that will bring ME back.) However, it doesn't appear to be a good transition between them (I lost my Workspaces and Shortcuts in the process. I need to learn how to keep those... and last time I thought I did!)


      To get ME edition I selected English--Hebrew in my CC preferences, and to get CJK I switched to what I thought was Simplified. That downloaded the CJK version, but deleted my Workspace and Shortcuts in the process.


      No it won't go back when I select English-Hebrew.


      I think I know the answer to my question (NO!) but does anyone have ideas on switching between the two?

      Thanks in advance.