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    Aperture to Photoshop CC


      For years I've done well with Aperture, now I am shooting real estate and beginning to use Phototshop CC.  Took me days to find the right tutorial to easily replace the sky for the front of the home.  Now, I'm told the computer person wants the front image to be 1000 x 400 pixels for the carousel on the web.  I've tried everything to figure out what he wants.  Export to web, extract assets (couldn't get the photo to the file), anything I do, the photo is distorted. Does it make a difference if JPEG, do I change the aspect ratio?  Yes, I'm a novice to photoshop but I'm trying everything  I can think of to get this done.  Everyone I talk to, to try to figure it out  looks at me like "are you kidding me?" HELP!