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    Trying to publish an interactive Director Presentation to the web/.exe

    tonewheeldude Level 1

      Sorry - I am a complete novice with Director (purchased 11.5 in 2012 but litle used) and although searching I have not found the answer to two problems:


      I have a presentation with several pages created with Di 11.5 when burnt to CD it works perfectly and will run from any computer, or if I run directly from a folder on my computer it works perfectly well however


      1) When publishing to html (with associated dcr file) none of the buttons are active and it is not possible to move beyond the first frame. (but does work in the same browser if loated on my own computer rather than my web host)

      2) When publishing as an .exe I get the message: "This Application requires Shokwave Player 11, which is not installed. Click OK to download it".

           I have downloaded it many times in slim and full versions, but none work.


      Can anyone help out?