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    composition - merge, import - I have big trouble

    steenmikkelsen2 Level 1



      Using After Effects CS5


      I have a project with 9 Composition. Every time I start a new Composition i save the project and rename it.


      Compositon No 1.aep

      Compositon No  1 to 2.aep

      Compositon No  1 to 3.aep

      Compositon No  1 to 4.aep

      and go on.


      The last I have is saved as : Compositon No  1 to 9.aep



      My problem is, that I can se Composition 6 is missing in the last saved files, I must have delete it without knowing it.


      And now the big question is:


      Can I export Composition 6 from earlyer saved projects, and then import it to Compositon No  1 to 9.aep ?


      Or how can I get my project "Compositon No  1 to 9.aep" to have all Compositions again ?


      I have use a lot of time of each Composition... !!