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    How do I get Acrobat DC send for signature to ask for sender's details?

    tty9 Level 1

      So I tried to use Acrobat DC for the first time the other day to manage the signature of an agreement - a process which we've historically completed using the echosign web interface (including defining form fields, etc)


      Despite setting up the fields as "required" and with the participant role "sender", at no point was I asked for them to be filled during the sending process (which at the time, was not unexpected, given we tend to use "they sign, then I sign" on echosign). However, when the customer signed the agreement, it was not sent back to me for signature, but was simply filed as "signed".


      I have looked in other conversations in here relating to signature fields and see talk about supposedly being able to sign inside acrobat itself prior to sending (I don't want to do this, as we sign last!), but when I tried it, my signature field is simply treated as a text field by Acrobat.


      Is the only way to handle sender signatures properly to continue using echosign web interface to send the documents?