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    Why can't I get Adobe Premiere Elements 13 to open?

    LordCommanderJonSnow Level 1

      I've installed it successfully. At first, everything was going fine. I was working on a project, and all of a sudden, an error occurred and it stopped responding. I waited for a response, but I received none, so I closed it out. I tried opening it again, and it opened again, and I had to declare my country for a second time, which I thought was inconvenient, considering I have to hold down the arrow for about half a minute to find United States, when usually there's a bar I can drag to get to the bottom for that kind of thing. An error occurred again, I closed it out, and I tried to re-open it. This time, it said Error 16 occurred. I did some research on YouTube, and from one video I saw, apparently you can solve that problem by clicking Run as an Administrator, so I did. After I tried clicking the software again, it asked me to download the latest version of Adobe Application Manager. I did. Now, Adobe Premiere Elements will not open at all. I've restarted my computer numerous times. It still won't re-open. I've tried uninstalling it, but when I try, it informs me of a failure to uninstall while giving me the suggestion to restart my computer, although I have tried that and it does not work. I can neither open this product nor uninstall it. It is currently just sitting on my hard drive, uselessly. I am not satisfied with this product at all. I thought it would be a good $100 investment, but it has been nothing but stressful. I would very much like to be able to open my software and not encounter a single error. If there is a way to make this happen that someone could show me, I would be incredibly grateful. Otherwise, I will have no choice but to make an endeavor to receive a refund. Thank you for your assistance.