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    Indesign CS6 - Numbered Images (fig 1.1, fig 1.2, fig 1.3, etc.)


      Hello all!


      I am using a table of contents for my "image caption" paragraph style to fake a bibliography sections. I'm having difficulty numbering them though, ex: fig1.1 fig1.2

      How would I be able to integrate number that follows the chapters as well as the order in which the images appear within the document?


      I was wondering if there was a way to create a live caption with numbering (based on appearance in book), description (which I would add manually as per image), and source metadata.



      Format: Fig 1.1 - Image Description, © (metadata, creator)

      Example: Fig 1.1 - Gathering Rice from Aquaculture, © Sawah Tambak Foundation


      Thank you, hope to get a response soon. I've looked at the help documentation, but the information there isn't completely thorough, so I hope this forum is the place to be!