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    LocalConnection - lag in IE and Safari

      Hi all,

      I'm using the LocalConnection class (Flash MX 04 / ActionScript 2.0) to communicate between two SWF files within the same HTML page.

      When I run the page in IE (5.5 and 6) or Safari, there is a significant time lag (I'm talking seconds, not miliseconds) between when SWF 1 sends and SWF 2 receives, however when I run in Firefox or Mozilla there is hardly any lag (mere miliseconds).

      It was suggested that it may be caused by the fact that IE uses ActiveX, however the SWFs are embedded within the HTML using ONLY the <object> tag, there is NOT <embed> tag used whatsoever.

      After some more testing I've established that if I use ONLY the <embed> tag and not <object> then the lag is virtually identical across browsers. Unfortunately <embed> is absolutely not an option for the commercial site.

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!