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    InDesign CS5 Data Merge Problem


      Hi, I am creating labels using data merge in InDesign CS5 and no matter what I do I get the same result. I am creating 2200 labels for a mailing we are doing, when I preview the output in data merge it looks great! But when I go to output the labels it will create one page correctly, everybody has their names and addresses etc. then it will create 75 more pages of the same dudes name. What's stranger is that it doesn't have the correct address with the name! When I go to data merge and look at my preview everything is still kosher, but the output is screwed. I have tried numerous solutions, taking all the data and creating a having the client send a fresh file, creating a new file, renaming the fields, using a csv file, a txt file, etc. I have created mailing like this a dozen times with no issue. I suspect a corrupted source file, but I'm not sure. Any help would be appreciated/