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    Search function not working in Adobe Digital Editions


      Hello Everyone,


      First of all, I am using a PC and I am creating a "Fixed Layout" epub using Adobe InDesign. I included images and buttons to navigate the book, and everything works fine, until I try to use the search function in Adobe Digital Editions. The search function works fine in ibooks, so I tried opening it in other ebook readers, which jumbled my text and images, which Adobe Digital Editions did not do. Because of this, I want to stick with using Adobe Digital Editions. All text is live, so I know that isn't the problem. I tried saving the file as a "Reflowable" epub, even though I know that will not work for me, just to see if the search function would work, and it did. So my question is, why can't I use Adobe Digital Edition's search function with a fixed layout epub, and is there any way I can fix this?


      Thank you!