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    What are you using Edge for ?

    smenegassi Level 1

      Hi, these is not a question but un inquire.

      What are you people using Edge animator for ?

      I have the impression that Edge is mostly used to make banners and animations and not a whole site.

      I'm using it to make a web-doc.



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          TomGreen Level 2

          There seems to be a misconception out there that Edge Animate is only a creator for Banner ads. Not quite true. The animation features of animate can be used for and interactive or motion content on a page.


          One really neat use of Animate that I have come across is Motion Designers, App developers and others are using Animate to create mobile prototypes that incorporate motion and interactivity. Once the prototype gets signed off the project is handed off to the Developer .

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            smenegassi Level 1

            Thanks for your feedback. It is interesting. I am using it for a webdoc I would do (before Mr Jobs) with Flash. But sometimes I must say I question my choice...

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              I'm attempting to use it to make a whole website, but its not quite working as I intended it to work.

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                smenegassi Level 1

                What do you mean it is not working as you intended it to work ? Why did you chose Edge to make a whole website ? You mean SEO ?

                You mean responsiveness ?

                My main concern with Edge is downloading time and SEO. Is it heavier then any other web technology ?

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                  StevoE Level 1

                  I mean for the website to be interactive and interesting.


                  ^ Thats what I am currently working on. I've made some simple infographics a few months ago. That was easy. But trying to make a whole website is another monster entirely...

                  I have noticed that getting the one page loaded does take some time, probably because it has to load everything in that one page (and my one page is going to include the whole site). But once it loads, its smooth sailing (it functions properly... or at least it functions as I tell it to, whether its correct or not).

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                    smenegassi Level 1

                    To make it interactive and interesting you have to use lots of javascript. I use Greensocks and Jquery libraries.

                    When Adobe says you can use Edge to make animations without coding is not really true. To make a site really interesting and  Edge alone is not enough. You HAVE to code.

                    Edge can make things easier I guess. But it is not simple to use, but I like it. :-)

                    I have been doing my site over and over again with different techs, always the same design : Flash, html, Concrete5 (CMS), Word Press, Edge Animate and now back to HTML5.

                    It is a one page site that scrolls down. Very simple. But there are four little videos on the header and I noticed the Edge version would take a bit longer to load then any other version.