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    'Viewport' Google Forcing Moble codices now universal global

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      What are some of your best plans for conversion over to mobile/desktop functionality. I choose to do one page, where perhaps both can be used.


      Chatter on the internet is that Larry and Mark want access to Africa and South Asia, where 99% only have smart phones and no laptops. so they want all web internet to redue their codices toward 'fluid' grid with as small as 282 width for small smart phone screens, and this may mean to resize or covert to roll-over fotos/ images to make it work, text boxes to use ' non width' codes, and so structures created for desktop ( perhaps 5 years ago) now need an entire recoding? This creates a huge amount of work. It seems the internet is always in flux. Is there a 'css' option script to import when the bots notice a desktop vs. a tablet, vs. a smart phone?


      skill a little past novice, but have built my own website over 10 years. Thanks for any help.