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    Force date-format storage on project-format folders


      I just finished converting from Aperture to Lightroom, as well as pulling photos from several different locations. Most of the time, the Import places the photos into the common dated folder structure. But, unfortunately, along the way I ended up with several other folders that don't follow that structure, but are in either a project folder or Lightroom started a new date folder when there already was one. One culprit it seemed was Lightroom itself when I would import from another Lightroom catalog that had been in a Project storage structure. I saw no options on Import From Catalog that forced it into the regular date structure.


      So, my question is this...is there a way to select all the folders that don't follow the date convention and force those into the date structure? We're talking about 20,000 photos. I know I can do that manually, but that is going to be so tedious and time-consuming. Does Lightroom have a way to do that or do you know of a plugin for that?


      Thank you!