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    LR catalog will not restore


      I had to restore my Mac Book Pro from a Time Machine back up I made two months ago. Most everything is fine, but noticed two things.

      1) I had no pictures at all, but thank goodness I had them backed up so copied them into the Pictures folder.

      2) REAL FRUSTRATING - I have the catalogs from my backup, but when double clicking on them or selecting it from within LR they appear to be empty. Meaning, nothing, no folders with ??? asking me where are the pictures etc. I had a couple of catalogs, neither works. I need some help real bad as I may have lost all of my work. I can reimport the pictures, but all my changes to them seem gone. What am I doing wrong?

      Appreciate any help you can provide.

      Thank you


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          ccausillas Level 1

          One more thing.... all i have is the catalogs I had saved on my backup hard drive. They really where not backup catalogs generated by LR. They were just copies of the working catalogs I had been using. Will this make a difference?

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            ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

            The backups created by LR are just copies of the working catalog; no different than if you made the copy yourself. Ideally you are looking for the one with the most recent date.


            The catch that most people forget is that the backup should never be directly opened by LR; always copy the backup to a working location then open the "working" catalog. That way the backup is not changed.

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              ccausillas Level 1


              Thank you...I get it. The working catalog and a backup of the same is really the same.

              Could you please elaborate on your last sentence? When you say, always copy the backup/working catalog to a working location...what do you mean?

              Thank you

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                ccausillas Level 1

                I got it!!!!  Some how the catalogs in the Lightroom folder were empty (abut 1.4MB and I have over 10,000 pictures), but found copies on another location. Opened it and wallah!!! I am happy as a clam. Thank you ManicJoe for your response.