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    Coldfusion 9 hangs on Windows 2008


      What is the best route to determine why the coldfusion application service is hanging periodically?  When this 'freeze' occurs I have to shutdown all the coldfusion services to get the application service to restart.  Sometimes it even requires restarting IIS, 


      For other java applications that hang, I can do a 'kill -3 (or quit)' and it generates a heap dump.  Some vendors will take this heap dump and analyze it and be able to tell you exactly what froze and likely why.  Is that something that adobe can do if we purchase a higher level support contract?  Or in your experience is it better to find a third party consultant?


      Several of us have 'googled' this issue to death, so its time to find some expert help:)   Unless something has changed or become well known about Coldfusion 9 on Windows 8 in terms of hangs?  We are pretty sure that it has something to do with Coldfusion not being able to reach data sources consistently (network issues), but why the application service cannot recover from this, we do not know. 

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          CF9 is Adobe end of life. CF9 could be running Java 6 which is Oracle end of life. There might be some old software reasons for the issue. CF11 and Java 8 being current.


          There are ways to dump the CF9 Java but I am not aware of anyone to willing to examine the Java dump file thru a forum thread. Don't let that be a put off perhaps someone else will comment differently.


          When CF9 hangs are there any warnings or errors preceding that time in the log files coldfusion-out or coldfusion-event  located ColdFusion9\runtime\logs (JRun4\logs\ case multiserver) ?


          CF9 on Windows 2008 would be 32 bit so perhaps some tuning of the CF9 Java heap, permanent memory and garbage collection would be a way forward to maintain CF9 uptime and performance.


          Been a while since I tried but if you use Windows Task Manager to find the CF9 PID you can kill the PID number from CMD prompt as administrator using a kill tool from Windows resource pack.


          HTH, Carl.