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      I am using Adobe CS5 on windows 7pro.  The issue I am having is I copied an image from one publication and then created a new one and pasted it and it came

      in as a different shade of color.  I can place the image in the original publication and the color is fine but I get the color shift when placing it into the new publication.

      I really have no idea why this would happen.  Have I missed a setting somewhere?  I am also getting a weird video anomaly if I move the page to the edge of my monitor and part

      of the placed image is cut-off.  When I use the bar at the bottom and drag back to center the part of the image that was off screen is the odd color of the placed image so I have a

      two-toned image until I let go of the bar and it returns to the color it was before I moved the page.

      this is what I am getting.  The images placed in the new file come in with the brighter color.

      two tone image.jpg

      These are .png files and are all I have to work with.  Would it help to change them to another format and place them?

      Any help would be appreciated.