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    "ctrl + alt + s" shortcut frequently breaking with Lightroom CC

    andy.d.bell Level 1



      I've been having problems with one particular shortcut giving up on me several times per day.


      I have a button on my tablet set to send ctrl + alt + s (to paste settings from one photo to the next, without a confirmation dialog). when that particular key stops working, no alt + shortcuts work,  even when i use the actual keystroke on my desktop keyboard. i have to restart lightroom in order to get them working again.


      even more perplexing, ctrl shortcuts still work, and LR still responds to me pressing the alt key by changing the corresponding buttons and sliders in the tool pallette. so it doesn't appear as though another program is "intercepting" the buttons.


      has anybody else experienced this problem? can anybody help me figure out a cause and/or workaround. it's REALLY interfering with my workflow.