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    Accidently started saving over Recovery file in Flash CS6 - now it's gone


      Hi everyone. (Sorry I couldn't find a forum for Flash CS6) Today while I was working in Flash CS6 (on a Mac), it crashed and when I reopened the program, I was able to get access to the autorecovery version of the file I had been working in. Which is normal. The thing is (and I assume this is where I went wrong), I didn't rename the recovery file, and I didn't return to working in the original file either. I just started working in the recovery file, with RECOVERY in front of the file name, saving every so often with Ctrl+S. Hours later, I close Flash, then go to reopen the file - but it's disappeared. I get that the recovery file is some kind of temporary thing, and I've tried looking for it in username>library>applicationsupport>Adobe>flashcs6>en_US>Configuration, which is where I think it would be if it wasn't in the same place as the original file, but it is not there. I was working off the desktop, and saw it there before it disappeared. Somehow I had saved hours of work into this recovery file; just wondering if anyone can help me get it back-I would be very appreciative. Thanks!