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    How to create an iTunes icon?

    ceilr Level 1



      I'm not getting an answer from Apple on this after waiting several days, so I hope someone here has an answer.


      I would like to include an icon with a recording project I am working on, but not all formats work, and frankly, I can't tell which one does.  The choices are .jpg, .tiff, .gif and .png.


      I'm hoping to get around burning all of these formats on a CD EXTRA formatted disc so that it's easy for users to choose the icon that works best.  It may be that one format works well for Apple products, and another for Android.  It will be helpful to know this, too.


      If I am in the wrong forum, I apologize.  Just let me know where to ask.  Thank you.

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          If you don't get the permission from Apple to use their program icon, I would strongly recommend to use your own designed symbol, make the drawing in Illustrator and save it as AI file and place it into InDesign. You could encounter problems with copyright issues. (And Apple's Icon for iTunes is changing every Year anyway and in Austrian German we would define this Design as "schirch".)

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            That does not mean, that it is better to use an AI file with the drawing of such a file, which comes better than the PNG would do.

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              Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

              I'm not entirely clear if you want to make an icon the same as one of Apple's or if you want to make one for use on Mac/with iTunes. If you want to use or copy an Apple icon, you should get permission. Please see Apple - Legal - Copyright and Trademark Guidelines. Typical stuff like "Developers may use Apple, Macintosh, iMac, or any other Apple word mark (but not the Apple Logo or other Apple-owned graphic symbol/logo) in a referential phrase on packaging or promotional/advertising materials ..., provided they comply with the following requirements...."

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                ceilr Level 1

                Just looked at this page and surrounded items I don't understand with <>:


                For all images and icons, the PNG format is recommended. You should avoid using <interlaced> PNGs.

                The standard <bit depth> for icons and images is 24 bits—that is, 8 bits each for red, green, and blue—plus an <8-bit alpha channel>, for a total of 32 bits.

                You don’t need to constrain your palette to web-safe colors.

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                  ceilr Level 1

                  I created in InDesign a picture to go with my "album" of audio files.  (Wanted to do it in Illustrator, but my formatting of the fonts wasn't possible over there.)  it is my own work, so no copyright problems.


                  THe app icon info just received seems like a different thing, and I'm not sure that the guidelines I've just read are the right thing.  I just want listeners to have a picture that helps them identify the album visually when they open iTunes or a corresponding Android app.  Dimesions and format are important, but I don't know that what's described for an app icon would be the same for an iTunes picture.

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                    rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    You can manually add album artwork in iTunes and the specs are 600x600 pixels and PNG or JPEG will work. I don't do it enough to know if  manually added artwork will travel with the music file—I'm guessing no. For music sold by Apple the artwork resides on the Apple Server, if it's missing you can get it via File>Library>Get Album Artwork.


                    Select a song or album and File>Get Info and click Add Artwork.


                    Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 12.01.52 PM.png

                    Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 12.02.10 PM.png

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                      rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      You could also try adding the icon directly to the .mp3 file. I just tried that on OSX and it worked, in that case the artwork should travel with the file.


                      Here I'm getting info on the .mp3 file in the finder, copying my 600x600px  album art from Photoshop, selecting the file icon in the upper left corner, and pasting:


                      Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 12.34.54 PM.png


                      Now when I go to iTunes the album artwork is there and I don't have to add it via Add Artwork:


                      Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 12.38.08 PM.png