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    I cannot login. I have posted this several times.


      What is going on? I am trying to move our forms and download our latest forms and responses. i need a response please!!

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          There was an Announcement on the Forum May 13th - regarding what to do since the newest update.  Here is what was stated:


          As part of the retirement of the FormsCentral service, effective immediately the Adobe FormsCentral and Adobe FormsCentral For Acrobat applications no longer allow logging in to the FormsCentral service.  You can access your forms until July 28th by logging into the FormsCentral web service (http://formscentral.acrobat.com) using your Browser.


          Members who own Adobe FormsCentral For Acrobat as part of their Acrobat XI Pro purchase will still be able to create PDF forms using Adobe FormsCentral For Acrobat, but the PDF files will no longer contain the Submit button.  You can still use these PDF files in Acrobat XI Pro for collecting forms data by using the Distribute Forms by Email functionality (Tools->Forms->Distribute). 


          We apoligize for any inconvenience this may cause