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    I need some help with importing SWF's

    Sketchsta Level 1
      Hi guys, my problem is kind of hard to explain, but i'll do my best.

      Im working on a flash site which is set up like this:
      index.swf ( contains the template, buttons, and movieClipLoaders spread out along the time line, for importing the other pages)

      one of the buttons ( PRODUCTS ) on rollOver has a sub menu open with 6 other buttons.
      onRelease products(button) moves to products frame, which loads products.swf page.
      now, products.swf also contains movieClipLoaders, ALSO the same buttons as the sub menu at the top of the page.
      (products is basically a slide of pictures page)

      i can get the buttons inside products.swf to load the slides easy... but i ALSO need the buttons in the sub menu to open the correct slides too.
      sub menu ---=> products.swf ---=> corresponding slide.swf


      this should explain better what im trying to do.. the buttons in the sub menu don't do anythng because i dont know what to do..

      to sum it up, if the viewer clicks on PRODUCTS button, it loads products.swf, which contains the same buttons as the sub menu... but if the user clicks on one of the buttons in the sub menu, i need it to open products.swf AND goto the right frame (which contains a movieClipLoader) for the corresponding button that was clicked..

      I hope this makes sense...

      Thanx in advance for any help.