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    How would I add Metadata to a Image Source Bibliography?


      Essentially I have tons of pictures in my document with a paragraph style and list that gives each image a caption with numbering (ex: fig 1.1, fig 1.2, etc.).

      I generate a live caption using a paragraph style to get the fig 1.1 part, but the METADATA Isn't loading! WHY? I just editted it in bridge, I simply want the URL to appear, as well as a description, so I don't need to manually type it for every image PLEASE SEE ATTACHED IMAGE


      as you can see I have bridge on the left and I have the creator metadata filled out, but indesign isn't reading it, I doubled clicked the "!" and it din't do anything. IDK what it could be


      I made a Table of Contents to include a list of figures, but I was wondering how to automatically add metadata? If I were to create a paragraph style for the image to add the I want the table of contents to read something like the below:


      Format: fig #.# - Description: URL


      fig 1.1 - Image of boy, www.hyperlink.com/boy.jpg

      fig 1.2 - Image of thing, www.hyperlink.com/girl.jpg


      Thanks, my thesis is driving me nuts, but we're almost done!