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    Colour gradient mask

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      I have an animation composited in After Effects that contains several sets of EXR files rendered from 3DS Max.


      One layer shows a yellowish liquid pouring into a rectangular vessel.  This lands in the centre and spreads to the edges of the rectangle over several thousand frames.


      I have an existing rectangular mask (see image below) that hides the top part of the object.  This has a feather at the bottom of the mask to blend the effect with another layer.


      Object and mask.jpg


      There are two existing effects added to the layer (see image below).


      Existing effects.jpg


      In addition, I would now like to add some sort of colour correction/colour gradient to the layer that results in the liquid at the centre keeping its existing colour and gradually changing to a redder colour at the ends of the rectangle (see image below).  Ideally this would be a radial gradient (starting just below the "Original color" arrow in the image).


      Object and mask gradient.jpg


      I have searched for tutorials and tried adding effects such as Ramp (along with Calculations) but these all seem to deal with adding affects to just the overall layer.  What I want to do is add the effects just using a new mask in addition to/separate to the existing mask.


      Could anyone please give me some pointers or advise of any tutorials that show me the solution to this.


      Many thanks,



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Simply add it on another layer/ pre-composition and then use blending modes or effects like Channel Combiner to reference those layers and compose it on top. Pre-CC versions do not allow to constrain effects to specific masks.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I would pre-compose your yellow liquid layer then add a shape layer with a gradient fill above. Make the edges red and the center transparent. Then change the blend mode to Multiply and then turn on Preserve Underlying Transparency.Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 6.57.38 AM.png

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              Thanks both.


              Rick, I tried to follow your method and am getting something similar to what you have.  Just leaving the office now but may have another question tomorrow.


              Thanks again.



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                Hi Rick.


                I have managed to create something based on your method above.


                The animation that I am creating is in six A.E. files.  I am creating AVI files from each and compiling these in Premiere Pro to output a movie as MP4.  I therefore need to copy the exact settings (mask shape/position, gradient etc.) from the Shape layer that I added to the Pre-comp in the first file across to all other A.E. files.


                Would it please be possible to advise how I copy the Shape layer from one A.E. file to the others.  I have googled how to do this and the general consensus is to import the whole A.E. project and delete the unrequired layers.  I have a lot of layers all of which have the same name in all my six A.E. files.  This could get very messy.  Is there a way to bring in just the layer that I require?


                Many thanks,



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                  Hi Rick.


                  I did this thanks.  I used an intermediate file and deleted the unwanted in there.  Simple enough.


                  Many thanks for your help.