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    Create a Wordpress module




      I'm using Wordpress and the nextGen Gallery plugin. As all my photos are on lightroom, i have installed a lightroom plugin to export to NextGen Gallery.


      It's Ok but i think there is room to do much much better. For instance, nextgen gallery does not have logical collection. Instead, it has Gallery, which is in fact a folder with photos in it. Meaning that each photo in two or more lightroom's collection will be duplicated on two or more Gallery folder in wordpress.


      I've been waiting for long for NextGen to evolve in the logical architecture, but it seems that it will never come.


      My idea would be that LightRoom should be the photo management of wordpress. To do so, i need more than a plugin but a module in lightroom. I would like a real integration with wordpress, with features like user management access, where I can put directly on lightroom for each individual photo who can access the photo...


      Does Lightroom allow to develop such things ?


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