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    Why are exported mp4 files larger than original? LR export doesn't finish.

    cehilton Level 1

      Using LR 6.0, I tried to export 7 mp4 files. 


      Only 5 files exported before LR stopped exporting even though it still said "Export 7 files" in progress there's no disk activity.


      all sizes are in MB


      Original size     Exported size

      38.7                    54

      36.6                    51.7

      47.4                    67.2

      62.2                    87.3

      125.2                  172.8


      Video export settings were:


      Video format: H.264

      Quality: High


      Why does LR create larger files?   Quality won't be better than original.


      Why did export stop without error message?  I cancelled export after waiting 20 minutes for something to happen.