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    AS3 Accessing External SWF objects


      I do understand that in Flash 8 (AS2) you can create and empty clip, then load SWF file and access objects inside it through this movieclip. For example if I have an instance of somethig called "inst" and I compile SWF, then after I load it in another project I can do MovieClipName.inst._x = 50;

      Now in Flash 9 (AS3) I cant do that, since I have to use the loader, and if I try to do LoaderName.inst._x = 50 - that would not work. So how should I have to do this now?

      In few words I have a project called MainProject.fla there I load up a movie with this:

      var _ldr:Loader = new Loader;
      var _req:URLRequest = new URLRequest("test.swf");

      Now in test.swf I have a bitmap with instance called "MyBitmap" . How can I change position of that bitmap in that SWF file after I load it?