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    What version of Lightroom works with raw files from a Nikon D7200 camera?


      I used to have a D90 and recently upgraded to a D7200.  I have an older version of Lightroom (3, I believe) and after taking some photos with the new D7200 and trying to import them into LR, I realized I can't upload my raw files from the D7200.  It will import the JPEG files but not raw. 


      I've seen some other sites have work-arounds but I'm not looking to complicate things any nor do I want to download anything new or mess with my computer system memory to get LR to see the raw photos.  I've also been reading that there is supposed to be an upgrade to LR that will do what I'm looking for but I'm getting conflicting information as to whether this upgrade is available now or whether it will be coming in June sometime.


      It's hard to tell on the Adobe site whether LR CC is compatible or not with what I need.


      Anyone have any answers?