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    Can you use LR to create a HDR Panorama?

    whsprague Adobe Community Professional

      Yes!  And, I'm pretty excited that it works.


      (I follow here, but don’t post much.  If this is redundant, I apologize!)


      The new release 6 of Lightroom includes HDR and Panorama processing built in. Can they be combined? Can you shoot a panoramic series of bracketed exposures of a scene that includes wide exposure values?

      Like most old churches, Copenhagen’s Frederik's Church (also called The Marble Church), is a photographic challenge for a tourist. The light is difficult, it is too big for common lenses, tripods are not a good idea, noisy cameras can be considered rude and other tourists will be in the way.

      Two days before this trip LR6 was released and I watched a couple of videos on the new features. Among them were the HDR and Panorama processing without exporting or using plug-ins. And, unlike other HDR processing I’ve used, it is all with RAW images, with RAW output and no color cooking. The color manipulation is reserved for the photographer’s use of the many sliders and tools.  Nice!HDR Pano 3.jpg

      New for the trip was my Panasonic LX100. I could make a long list of why it is a fantastic travel camera, but for this shot the feature that counts is fast auto bracketing in the silent (electronic shutter) mode on automatic “P” exposure for RAW image files. Could there be a better approach? Of course, but I was there as a tourist with only a moment for the shot.

      I shot handheld, set the camera to shoot 5 bracketed exposures from minus two to plus two stops. I rotated so that each of the six sets overlapped by a guesstimate of about 25%. It takes about a second to get the 5 brackets, so the total shoot was about 10 seconds, including aiming and framing. I ignored the tourists that were in the way because there was not time to wait for them to move.

      Once home, I signed up (new to me) for the Adobe CC and got LR and Ps installed. In Lightroom I combined each set of 5 RAW exposures to one RAW (.dng) image using the LR automated settings. Then I combined the 6 resulting HDR images into a single Panorama that is also in RAW (.dng). I used the LR Crop tool to pick the best part and eliminate one tourist. The best crop left a blank spot in one corner. This almost finished file is 75MBs!

      To fix the blank spot, I wanted to test the (new to me) Photoshop CC Healing Brush. LR passed the 75MB RAW Pano to Ps as a PSD. The Healing Brush worked well. Saving sent the file back to LR, still as a PSD, but it is now about 100MB.

      There is no way to post a 100MB PSD for you, so I used LR to export a JPEG of 4,000KB.

      For me, this was an experiment in processing. Now that I know it works, I’m going to start looking for HDR opportunities that include extreme light and need a wide view. The automation of the camera and LR make this too easy to ignore.

      Any and all comments and criticism are welcome. I'd like to learn how to clone out a few tourists! That is next.