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    Cursor Manager in Canvas Component

    Ukie_239 Level 1
      I have an application which calls an a component. This component grab data and the binded to a datagrid. When the data is getting retrieved, I want the cursor to show its waiting, plus i want to disable the application from within the component . I can change the cursor, but I cannot disable the application from within the component. I have tried
      // Application.application.enabled = false;
      //parentApplication.application.enabled = false;

      I also tried using a listener on the application, an DataEvent
      comp_cnv_EmpExperiance.expExperiance_dg.addEventListener (DataEvent.DATA, getEmpExperiance);

      but there is no way to tell when the data has been retried, so the cursor stay busy and the application stays locked

      Is there a way to reference the calling application within the component or find out when the data has been binded to the datagrid within the component?