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    Is there a way to set the HTML Editor so it will default to Word when you are entering a new topic?


      I was on a few days ago with issues concerning spreadsheets when moving from RH Word to RH HTML...First I should have said tables..they start off as spread sheets but are dropped in as tables in RH Word.....Well I figured out how I can convert my 100,000 link RH Work to RH HTML..and make functional and updateable.  When you enter a new topic choose New Topic With..and choose Word.  It allows the functionality I need (adding lines, sorting, etc) but I can use RH HTML.


      My question is, Is there a way to set WORD as the default editor for RH HTML?  It would be nice if I could do that.


      It is going to be a tedious process to get it moved over (have to copy and paste a lot not to loose 100,000 plus links) but once it is set up the hard part is over.  I just have to update the pages twice a month.