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    Is there a short cut that changes process to 2003, or is it a Bug??


      I am using a Wacom Pro tablet and have some modifications such as in Radial Menu the Right command to move to the next image. Using Lightroom CC 16GB RAM i7 processor Windows 7 using Dell XPS Machine.
      A few times while developing a 120 image shoot when I click on Right and open next file the file is now in 2003 Process?? I know because the Basic panel has Whites and Blacks different and history shows "From Metadata" above the Import step. I can easily go back a step in the History but this appears to be a bug. So far developed about 60 files and this has happened 3 times. Not too often but still aggravating.


      Update completed batch and this happened once more and the "From Metadata" history step is appearing in all files but when the issues happens all I did was step back to the import or first step in the history.