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    Whats the best way to get a drop down list in a web app submit form that would only contain user submited items of a specific field?


      In other words a user would have submitted a list of charities in one web app and inside a web app submit form of another web app I would use the data source and show a drop-down of just the user submitted charities. The form generate HTML that's static but I would need it to pull that data source each time the form loads.


      Here's what I got:


      <label for="CAT_Custom_12">Donation To *</label>


                          <select name="CAT_Custom_12" id="CAT_Custom_12" class="cat_dropdown">

                              <option value=" ">-- Please select --</option>

                              <option value="9750717">charity 1</option>

                              <option value="10227843">New Test Charity</option>

                              <option value="8433417">Operation 300</option>

                              <option value="8433414">Pulse Outreach Ministry</option>

                              <option value="9753419">Pulse2</option>

                              <option value="8630371">TJ help</option>



      I need the dropdown to load each option by pulling form the webapp item field when the form load. Ideally I would get it to load user submitted items only.


      Any help or a point to some resources would be great.