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    fonts and such.. need help


      Hey there,


      I have a few questions concerning fonts and uses.


      1) When i hear about using fonds and embedding i always hear EPS and PDF... what about using fonts in CS6 with png/jpg/gif formats is that fine also?


      2) is there a way to tell if a font is bundled and licensed with my adobe program vs my computer is getting it from is library? and is every type thats bundled free for commercial use?



      3) Im designing a logo for a possibly national sled hockey organization. (i originally used Helvetica but shortly after realized it is got bundled and licensed with my adobe program) so i switched to Myriad Pro Bold is this licensed with my CS6 suite or do i need to purchase one?


      4) lastly, here is my original logo,Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 10.28.32 AM.png in the design i chose to cut off some of the A and the S in the pathfinder and the blending in with the white cut it off.. is something like this considered editing/messing the type and the original intend and therefore illegal?


      Thank you very much,