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    can lightroom back up to a different drive than drive c   i dont see how it can happen anywhere?


      I have consolidated my pics to a single 5tb external drive now that 5tb drives are fairly common..  I have a 240gb ssd as a 'c' drive purchased to have a speedy operating system.  I have tried to import the 4+ tb of pics into lightroom from my 5tb external drive ... but there is not room on the 240gb   'c' drive for that.   i thought lightroom just copied the addresses etc of the files when importing .    I purchased the 240gb 'c' drive thinking that it would be adequate for lightroom use.    i have plenty of external drive space and i really want to have lightroom backups off the 'c' drive.

      I thought this might be a common problem for others with a big database of pics.  Can anyone tell me how to get around the reliance of 'c' drive for lightroom imports and backups?