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    indesign freezing/spinning wheel with network linked files

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      we are experiencing a lot of troubles with InDesign CC work related to network files stored on server. Any user action (right click, move, select) would show spinning wheel and take at least 5-10 seconds or more to action. Note the indd file opened has linked psd file of 244MB size stored on network. More details below.


      workstation: iMac - Yosemite, connected to network files on server via 1Gbps, 16GB memory

      software: InDesign CC 2014.2

      file: .indd stored on network, contains linked image from Photoshop file .psd (also stored on network and size 244MB)

      issue: freezing or extensive time to load (spinning wheel in meantime)


      Is anyone experiencing similar issue and what solutions are out there?

      (apart from flattening the source linked image or storing all files on iMac)


      Thank you.