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    Can't install 6.01 update

    erudolph Level 1

      I've written about this problem before but after some more web research have located my installer logs.


      My setup:  OS 10.9.5, Adobe Lightroom 6.0 with perpetual license.  (FWIW, Lightroom 5.71 is still installed.)


      The problem:  I download the 6.01 installer, run it and get an error.  Looking through the installer log, I find the following:


      ERROR: DW052: The base product is not installed, Unable to proceed with the patch operation.


      Question:  Why does the installer think that the base product is not installed and what can I do to install this patch?


      thanks in advance for any help,


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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The LR 6.0.1 update is a small patcher for LR 6.0.0 so you need the LR 6.0.0 install done, first.

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            99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Have you tried from the LR6 menu:

            Help >> Updates


            Or the direct download link:

            Keeping Lightroom Up-to-Date


            Are both methods not working?

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              erudolph Level 1

              Hi Sprengel and Jon, thanks for the responses.  SSprengel, I upgraded from 5.71 to 6.0.0 by downloading and running the Lightroom_6_LS11.dmg installer on April 21.  Version 6 seems to be working fine except for the bug that sends me to a page-not-found when trying to access the online help.


              99Jon, I've downloaded the patch from the direct download link that 99jon mentions and running it gives the error I described.  Trying to update from the Help -> Updates menu tells me that "your applications are all up to date."


              Last night after chatting with support I changed the permissions on both Library/ApplicationSupport/Adobe folders to allow Everyone to read/write.  Still, the patch will not install.


              I also created a new user and tried, unsuccessfully, to install the update from there.


              Does anyone think I should uninstall and reinstall?  And if so, what is the safe procedure to keep from losing work, presets, preferences, etc.?  I think that if this is the recommendation, I'd wait for a more significant update, since essentially 6.0.0 is working for me.