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    Can I create a product carousel like this in Edge Animate?

    ompopo Level 1



      I work at the HQ of a webshop in Norway and a few weeks ago we received this carousel to put on our website for a promotion (with the link and prices updated to pointing to the correct product on our website). So what we simply did was to use an iframe on our webpage linked to the new product carousel.




      Now, my supervisor really liked this way of showing off products and was wondering if this is something I could create? I honestly told him I was not sure, but I would research and try to find out how to make one.


      So I'm wondering if anyone knows if I can create a carousel like this with Edge Animate (or another Adobe Software)? I'm also unsure if a product carousel is the right name to use for it, since I can't really find any info/tutorials/examples when searching for it, but I have not idea what else to call it.


      If anyone got any ideas for where I can learn more, maybe find a tutorial I can make to fit my purpose I would be very grateful!


      In advance, thanks for all help!


      - Kenny