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    Noticing an extreme lag after updating to LR CC 6.01

    KennethT Level 1

      I don't know if it is directly related to the update to 6.01, but now I'm experiencing an extreme lag using the brush tool.
      Used this brush millions of times, had some lag issues while (shift-N) having survey opened on the second monitor.
      Now the lag is very evident. Sometimes taking 5 seconds to see the changes I brushed. If I did multiple brushes, sometimes the pen stays down (from the cache) while jumping to another brush start point, placing an unwanted brushstroke between the end and new start point.
      The lag worsened if I have the second monitor in use (shift-N)

      Restarting LR CC doesn't solve the problem. Rebooting the PC solves it for a short while.



      Windows 7 64. 16 GB LR CC 6.01