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    How to tell programmatically check InDesign Server is functioning properly


      We have InDesign Server CS5.5 deployed in our environment and, occasionally, the windows service will be running however it doesn't seem to function and needs to be restarted.  Obviously, this causes impacts to our user base as well as satisfaction issues.  I'm wondering if anyone knows of an technical approach to invoke it programmatically to see if its responding in a way that would declare it online and operational.  The desired goal would be to put availability monitoring on it in such a way that it would notify us as soon as an outage was detected but cannot find an elegant way to do this.  We tried to invoke an API to create a PDF but it generates a new folder and document each time it is checked plus this seems like a somewhat heavy operation.  Since we wanted monitoring on it to check very regularly, every minute or less, we had concerns that this approach would end up leaking a lot of storage.


      Any thoughts would be appreciated!  Please be aware that I'm very much a novice when it comes to InDesign Server