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    Set and reference dynamic symbol ID


      I need to create a number of symbols dynamically within another symbol and then set the position, height, etc. for each of the newly created symbols.


      I've read everything I can find and come up with this code to create a new instance of the symbol "blueRect" within the existing symbol on the stage called "Chart".


      for (i=0;i<3;i++) {

        //create new child symbol
        var NewSymbolInstance = sym.createChildSymbol("blueRect", "Chart");


        //create instance name for this new symbol



        //set top position

        sym.getSymbol('#newIDName'+i).css ('top', 250);




      When I run this code, it creates the first symbol instance and then throws this console message:

      SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'attr' of undefined or null reference


      so it seems  to be choking on the line that creates the instance name.


      All thoughts most greatly appreciated!!!!