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    Slow timeline playback and timeline playback freeze


      Hi I have premiere elements 13 and the play back on the time line keeps slowing down and stops. I stop it, wait for a few seconds and then start it again and it will play fine for a few seconds and then slow down and freeze again.

      When I save it and play it back in full HD it plays fine with no freezes or slow footage like in the timeline play back.


      I am running it on a HP laptop, windows 8.1, Intel Core i7- 4702 MQ CPU 2.2GHZ, 64 bit, 16 GB RAM, NVIDIA GEForce GT750M graphics.


      I have everything updated I believe. I am using GOPRO video's (hero 4 silver X2) set at 1080 p 50fps. It appears to be correct on the project settings - I did this manually prior to downloading.


      The video is slow, jumpy and freezes alot on the timeline. Even after rendering (green line above in expert) it will play good for 5-10 secs then reverts back to slow. Recently it has begun going very slow and keeps coming up that the programme is not responding, I click to wait and after 10-30 secs it comes back to normal,  but will do it again when I start any work on the timeline.


      Please help. I have recently purchased the computer for this very purpose, so only 4 months old. Like I say the payback after I have saved the project is good with no problem.