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    Adjust MaxPermSize

    bryan heusmann

      After adjusting the MaxPermSize in the jvm.config file, is it just a matter of saving the file or are there any additional steps such as rebooting the server etc? Thanks.



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          haxtbh Level 4

          Take a backup of the file first, just incase you need to restore it.


          Then change the file, or change it in the JVM settings in the CF administrator.  Once changed, reboot the Coldfusion Services.


          If you have a problem with the service coming back up, restore the backup and look for the error in the logs.

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            bryan heusmann Level 1

            Thank you for the information. I just inherited a project that is CF heavy and I am no expert. I have the developers working on most of the CF stuff, but basic infrastructure and other stuff now is my job. Thanks again.