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    Large CS5.5 Indesign file crashes when I try to delete an Index entry


      Hi there all,

      I work on a large technical directory in an Indesign Book made up of 5 documents. It has lists of companies and products, which I've indexed - the index (generated) is in the last document in the Book and I use the 'index by character styles' script to generate it.


      The problem I have is with the second document, which is also the largest, at 198MB.   I've built and maintained this document for three years, and today received instruction to change one of the company's names as they got bought out (2 minute job right?), so I opened just the documnet where the origin (company name) is, (it's all in tables) went to delete and replace the relevant name (which has the little 'hat' hidden character to show you it's in the Index), but every time I try it InDesign crashes.

      It's the first letter of the word that does it, the one right next to the 'hat' - every time I try to delete it it crashes. I've tried removing the character style then doing it, sneaking it in, closing all other programs, closing the pages panel (does anyone else have trouble with this on large documents?), everything. I think the document seems to be too big to export to IDML, or at least if it will work it's taking AGES.

      I'm using a windows PC. I could just make the annoying letter 'paper' colour so it doesn't show up in the index, but this is scrappy and a bit unprofessional and when i regenerate my index it will look like this:


      Blah      01

      Blah      02

      Blah      03

      Blah      04

        Blah    05

      Blah      06

      Blah      07

      Blah 5 sticks in a bit due to 'invisible' letter!

      Is my document too big, old and corrupt? is my work PC too wheezy? Is this a bug? Should i quit?? Suggestions please!

      Hope you can manage without a screen cap - a bit sensitive!

      thanks for any suggestions