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    Opening Catalog Backup with LR CC and windows


      Hi Everyone,



      LR CC

      Win7 x64 and Win8.1 x64


      My problem

      My catalog is corrupted and seems not to be repairable. I tried to open a backup from the day before the failure. I noticed that with LR CC the backups were zipped. So I tried to unzip the catalog archive before I open it. But Windows constantly gives me the following error message and the archive won't unzip.

      Copier le dossier

      Une erreur inattendue empêche l'opération. Prenez note de ce code d'erreur qui peut s'avérer utile si vous obtenez de l'aide supplémentaire pour résoudre ce problème :

      Erreur 0x800004005 : Erreur non spécifiée

      This error seems to be an OS error and is well documented on Microsoft Support website (Message d'erreur lorsque vous extrayez des éléments d'un fichier .zip sous Windows Vista ou dans Windows Server 2008: « …). But every single LR catalog archive gives me the same error, so I have not managed to restore my catalog yet.


      Can somebody help me please.